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Krisztina Vigh

Visual artist and designer

Krisztina Vigh is a Netherlands-based Hungarian visual artist and designer. She creates art that reflects her passion for experiments with textile. Travelling has been her obsession since childhood. During her travels she immersed herself in different cultures and religions: these have become a part of her and her art.

Krisztina mixes various types of visual art forms. The basis of her work are traditional techniques and folklore, which she gives a modern twist.


The almost black and white figurative drawings and paintings stem from the fertile soil of her fantasy and personality. The themes of her soft color paintings comprise outspoken physical figures and human impulse.


Krisztina Vigh’s style is highly recognisable in her embroidery, handmade drawings, and application of sequins, which make every piece unique. She adds an exclusive quality to her work with demi-couture details, the highest handcraftsmanship, and uniquely prepared textile; all manufactured with the excellent craftsmanship of an experienced artist. She is a creative spirit who wants each dress to be a work of art and for whom each detail matters.


The artist’s philosophy is that art is not a privilege but a fundamental part of everyday life.


Krisztina Vigh | Visual artist and designer

Winselingseweg 41 | 6541 AH Nijmegen


info@krisztinavigh.hu | www.krisztinavigh.hu

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