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NEON – Decaying bodies on black concrete

Dance performance by NEON


Decaying bodies on black concrete
…is a performance created at The Freezer Culture Centre, a former fish factory in Rif, Iceland. The piece is danced and choreographed by the collective NEON, Nanna Jensen & Leon Franzke. Decaying bodies on black concrete deals with the relation between humans and objects.


The performance emerged from the research of ´working on work´. Working on work is deals with the effort of being in dialogue with objects. It is a merging of the object and the human to challenge and change the physicality of the human body as well as the physicality of the object. We developed a movement language that is manufactured by the different parts of the research. Repetition, effort and physical dialogue with materials (in this piece) from the fish factory are examples of the segments that define our physicality.


The newly established collective NEON (Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen & Leon Emil Franzke) started collaborating in 2015 at ArtEZ institute of the arts. The duo’s latest achievements are the site specific performance Decaying Bodies on Black Concrete and Körper⏐Körper.
The work NEON has been presented in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands. The duo was subsequently selected to be part of the residency program Uurtje Oost for upcoming makers at Generale Oost.

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To get you in the mood; have a look at this!

Another beautiful NEON performance from 2015; Frank, we don’t stay here